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Pool Tables For Sale in Boise / Idaho

Browse current listings of billiard tables for sale and contact us to take care of your move, refelting, or pool table setup and level.

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Pool Tables For Sale in Boise is courtesy of the Pool Table Movers SOLO®. Search and find the perfect billiard table that you can only find with us.

If you’re looking to sell a pool table you currently have to upgrade to a newer or larger one, simply place an ad here with us. Make sure you check out the guide of billiard table room sizes we put together for you. Remember that posting your ad is free of charge and you can contact us to price a professional move for this table.


When You Sell a Pool Table Contact Us To Get Your Free Quote

Feel free to contact us to get an estimate for the move of the pool table. Also, you can have the buyer give us a call. Pool Table Movers SOLO® in Boise is backed by the only national organization in our industry.

We are the only company in the area that not only warrants our workmanship but also the quality of the pool table cloth we provide for each billiard table refelting service. In other words, if within the 12-month period after service any issues related to our workmanship and/or the felt has any tears, rips or manufacturers defects we will return and fix those issues at completely no charge.

This service guarantee is issued by a national organization, your protection starts when we complete the job and lasts for a period of 365 consecutive days from then on.

All of our services are backed by ABIA guarantee, for leveling and quality on all applicable pool tables for an entire year after service.

Touch to call (208) 957-6471