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Pool Tables For Sale in Boise is courtesy of the Pool Table Movers SOLO®. Search and find the perfect billiard table that you can only find with us.

If you’re looking to sell a pool table you currently have to upgrade to a newer or larger one, simply place an ad here with us. Make sure you check out the guide of billiard table room sizes we put together for you. Remember that posting your ad is free of charge and you can contact us to price a professional move for this table.

Browse pool tables for sale in Boise, Meridian, Eagle, Hidden Springs, Star, Kuna, Mora and more. Call us for pricing to move these pool tables professionally with our exclusive entire year written service guarantee protecting you from any potential problems with our professional installation.

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This page contains a form, you can see it here

7’ Exclusively Designed for Edward Hill by Don Olhausen Pool Table

Exclusively designed for Edward Hill by Don Olhausen 7’ pool table: Full 9 ball, 7 stick wall mount, table cover, 4 adult sticks,
Price: $ 3,500.00

SOLD: 8 Foot Brunswick Brazilian Slate Pool Table

Gently used table with 3 slate top and claw foot base. Comes with wall mount cue and ball racks, Cover, 8 adult cues,
Price: $ 1,500.00

Beautiful Olhausen Hampton 9' pool table - excellent condition (retail for over $6k)

solid maple & butternut finish 860 Simonis cloth - Tournament blue Pockets are specially made 0.25" tighter than regular tables Includes 4 pool cues,
Price: $ 3,500.00

Custom Made 7 foot Pool Table

Leather pockets. Price includes one set of balls, 5 cues, bridge, floor stand cue rack, wall mount cue rack brush, rack and cover.
Price: $ 2,000.00

1905 Brunswick Billiard Table (SOLD)

1905 "The Brunswick-Blake-Collender Co. Monarch Cushions" Pool Table. This table is in excellent condition; the cushions were replaced last year and with the exception that the rails are showing slight wear,
Price: $ 5,000.00

Wanted 7' slate pool table

Wanted 7' pool table in good condition. It must be slate preferably 1 piece.
Price: $ 0.00

Accessories for Billiard Tables

Billiard table accessories available, standard shipping included, the customer pays additional shipping charges for express shipping,
Price: $ 0.00

Connelly Billiards Professional Pool Table

Price includes: Table with low hours on it. Two sets of pool balls Light fixture Pool sticks Wall mount holder Does not include: Remove and Install
Price: $ 3,000.00

Pool Table

Pool table, barely used/fabulous shape. Full size, hardwood detailing. Comes with cue rack and balls. Moving and installation not included.
Price: $ 1,000.00

Reduced-Olhaussen 8' Tournament Pool Tab (SOLD)

POOL TABLE SOLD Beautiful and unique "waterfall" design. Excellent condition, only 6 years old and used very little. It comes with ping pong tabletop.
Price: $ 3,799.00

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Feel free to contact us to get an estimate for the move of the pool table. Also, you can have the buyer give us a call. Pool Table Movers SOLO® in Boise is backed by the only national organization in our industry.

We are the only company in the area that not only warrants our workmanship but also the quality of the pool table cloth we provide for each billiard table refelting service. In other words, if within the 12-month period after service any issues related to our workmanship and/or the felt has any tears, rips or manufacturers defects we will return and fix those issues at completely no charge.

This service guarantee is issued by a national organization, your protection starts when we complete the job and lasts for a period of 365 consecutive days from then on.

All of our services are backed by ABIA guarantee, for leveling and quality on all applicable pool tables for an entire year after service.

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